Wizlon has updated his guitar chord finder application for Nintendo DS.

Here are his release notes:

Another week, another version. There are actually a few more bits and bobs I wanted to fit into this version, nameley background and font loading off SD, but I got a flash of brilliance yesterday and decided to add and entirely new feature. I figured it would take me a week or so to get it working how I wanted it to, so I better release a new version now.
So what have we got then? I’ve fixed a bug or two, making sure right handed now default. I’ve vastly improved the file navigation with the inclusion of a handy dandy selected file bar, this also works in the options menu so you can see what your current settigns are. I’ve also improved the edit screen a bit so you can now scroll up and down the document, it’s still not prefect, but until saving is working it doesn’t really need to be. The big new improvment is the MOD player I’ve thrown in, this is kind of a precursor to the MP3 player which will turn up one day, I added it so people can jam along to MOD drum loops, of which there doesn’t seem to be many :_( if you find any then give me a shout. Anyway, look out for big things next version. Laters.

ps. Sorry for the typos.