retrohead has updated “Take the eggs! Ornithorhynchus Anatinus GO GO GO! DS.”

This is a port of the Sega Saturn game by NAXAT SOFT called Motteke Tamago with Ganbare! Kamonohashi. The game can be seen as a cross between the classic Bomberman games and Flicky.


* Multiplayer menu is now open. This allows you to choose your opponents. You can only play against the CPU at this moment in time.
* Stage Select menu added. Choose your favourite and how many eggs to get.
* Inludes an extra world (3 stages), The City, which also includes enemies
* Ghost power-up aka Death Messenger is now included.
* New “Stage Results” screen added for single player mode.
* Improved CPU AI. They can now tell what objects are around them (sort of).
* 5 characters are now selectable from the character select menu. (Multi).
* Couple of new SoundFx added.

** Known Problems **
* Possible “invisible fried egg bug” when player gets hit as they are about to drop an egg. Feedback on this bug is appreciated if you experience this.

Thanks to for the news.