LiraNuna is looking for people helping out at his new game Tales of Dagur II. The first part is one of the most solid free RPG’s for Nintendo DS.

Here is the full post:

I finally got a lot of free time and I’m thinking of getting Tales of Dagur II on track. Unlike older attempts, this one is going to succeed because of several key members who wants to get ToD II into reality. Not only that, we also have a basic story and a new RPG engine based on original ToD, but with more powerful features such as event scripting using the TCL scripting language and a great musician called Willow.

What are we missing then?

* Co-coders – If you want to take a part in extending the existing ToD engine into the new ToD Engine v2
* Scripters – Convert the story into reality with the TCL scripting language
* Pixel artists
* Tool coders – Coding a custom cross platform mapping software and database organizers using wxWidegts
* Story writers and designers – even though we have a basic story idea and handful of ideas, we still want more!

If you think you can help, hop over #tod2 @ EFnet and/or email me to get more details (see contact page).