Baro is working on a Legend of Zelda like game.


Hello you guys! I don’t know if you remember this from the old board. It’s Tanuki Tail, a Legend of Zelda style game I’m developing. The thing is still in progress and there’s still a lot of things to do in the engine until I start making the actual levels of the game, because engine goes before content.

If you saw it in the old board, maybe you won’t notice too much progress, but that’s because I’ve been busy with college stuff, and also spent some time making the script compiler as a tool I will use for multiple things in the game.

But let’s get into the stuff. As I already said, the game will be on the style of the zelda games (console versions, think of Minish cap and earlier), but instead of items you’ll transformate yourself to gain a set of abilities (for example, transformate into a bird to be able to fly for a while, but also be smaller so you can sneak in small places, and that sort of things). The engine of the game is being designed so each transformation changes almost all your attributes: size, speed, jump, accelleration… Also, in the actual game, you will be able to select your next transformation by drawing in the bottom screen.

Right now I’ve done the basics, the collision system (perfectioned two or three times… I keep finding mistakes that take me days to fix from time to time), map loading (partially. I load maps divided in blocks of tiles, with collisions and block data separately), the basis of the script system and movement of characters, including things like pushing eachother and stuff. They don’t attack yet though.

Although the game is in 2D, I’m making the maps having different heights for each block, having slopes, etc. This and treating the objects as cilinders give the game a slight idea of a rudimentary, theoretical 3D world.
I think the result of the engine can be very interesting. If everything goes well, I’ll probably maybe perhaps likely release it as open source so it can serve as basis to other games.,175.0.html