Walk around and shoot zombies. Shoot at them with guns, stab them with knives, blow them to smithereens with explosives, and block them out with barricades. Earn cash from attacking zombies to buy health, repairkits, perks (will be added later), map specific features (in later updates) and weapons.

Release notes:

Update 2: V.1.3

All major systems were redone. Reloading is now perfect and never fails like before. Wave system was changed to make the waves easier to complete. You can now throw more than one grenade at a time. Menu changes. Slight improvements to buying system. Price changes were also made. Also code reduction and many other small fixes and changes.

Gameplay has been slightly extended. There our now 10 rounds instead of the old 6 rounds. The old map now has 4 barricades. New map was also added (with a non working barricade). For that teach me how it’s done feel, i’ve added a tutorial that teaches you how to play the game. Credits have now been added. One of the most important parts to a game was added, sound and music. Badge system has now been added. You can unlock up to 9 badges. New controls added. New mystery crate, try your luck with it’s constantly changing contents. (sorry no more weapons yet, i was going to add some, but i’m gong on vacation and trying to do other things, so i made a quick update minus new weapons). (Also saving and loading was present but was taking out because i couldn’t test it on my card, and i still can’t test it, so it’ll be back soon).

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=13497&f=19 for the news.