The Reality Game is a collection of various card an board games in one binary.

Release notes:

It’s been almost 2 years since the last update of this game. Time flies.

I’m just filling another request from the forums, Zach asked for Checkers and Spoons, but I’m only giving him Checkers for now since it’s taken much longer than I thought to resurrect the game.

I also added left handed support for opening and closing the “hand” box(Press L or R) and fixed a few other bugs, but the game still crashes if you hit start to exit back to the main menu.

There’s also been a bug on the matchmaking side for the last little while that I didn’t notice, so it was impossible to play online, but local games still worked, sorry about that(not that anyone noticed :)). So, remember kids $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] not $REMOTE_ADDR.

And finally, I hope to get back to updating some of these games, but I’ve been using my free time to make a version of Explosive Gas for Xbox Community Games and it’s been quite a bit more work than I expected, but it’s almost ready.

Thanks to for the news.