Touhou DS by Spuzkaizer is a Shoot Em Up game for Nintendo DS.


– Fixed a memory leak in the parser. Some temporary memory wasn’t released correctly which caused the program to run out of memory prematurely.
– Using the restart button several times caused the game to hang. This doesn’t happen anymore now the memory leak in the parser has been resolved.
– After exiting a level using the quit option, sprites would get bugged. For example, transparent areas would turn white or certain images would be flipped.
– Fixed a text-positioning bug in the text renderer.
– Calling a spell or object from another script file didn’t work.

– Replaced the player and enemy graphics by larger and better looking ones.
– Improved hitbox-center-indicator visibility.
– Better antialiasing for the DS buttons on the options screen.
– Added scores and hi-scores. Hi-Scores are saved per game, difficulty, character.
– The game now shows a Restart/Quit selection when you lose all your lives instead of just continuing.
– You can now have more than one level.
– The default textures can be overridden on a per-level basis.
– Added a command to the scripting language that can change the background music.
– Reimu now has homing bullets.

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