Touhou DS by Spuzkaizer is a Shoot Em Up game for Nintendo DS.


– Shows an error message instead of silently crashing in the case of a broken installation.
– The current score was added to the list of high-scores twice if you used restart or quit after losing all your lives.
– Pausing the game stopped the music, it now only stops sound effects.
– After completing all stages, the game sometimes crashed.
– Script errors in stages other than the first weren’t shown to the user.
– After a boss’ spellcard finishes, -all- enemy projectiles are now destroyed, not just those of the ENEMY_SHOT type.
– Instead of overwriting the default textures, user-specified textures were added -after- the existing textures. This limited the max. texture memory to 32KB.

– Internal script compiler now does basic type-checking.
– Meaningful error messages in the script compiler.
– Added (beta) support for downloading additional characters from within the game using wifi.
– Rewrote a large portion of the scripting manual.
– Support for multiple routes per game. Routes are commonly used to create a selectable difficulty setting.
– The score overview shown at the end of every stage works now.
– Both stages and routes can now be locked/unlocked. Read the manual for more info.
– Added a third stage.

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