Touhou DS by Spuzkaizer is a Shoot Em Up game for Nintendo DS.

Release notes:

– The installation checker was broken andcaused a red screen of death in case of an invalid installation.
– Fixed an rare case where the collision detection would fail.
– After losing your lives, selecting restart but cancelling the confirmation would erroneously give the option to continue playing.
– Graphical glitches occurred when using master spark.

– Improved sound effects
– Background plane tilted in 3D
– Added deathbombing
– Added Youmu & Yuka as playable characters
– Gave Sakuya a proper bomb
– Added a wifi config screen
– Added a fourth level
– 10~20% performance increase

Scripting language:
– Animation support (boss, object, shot)
– Support for playing sound effects
– Commands added to allow for character conversations. You can specify a default conversation and/or specific conversations depending on the selected player character.
– Stricter type-checking in the script compiler, better error reporting

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