UAPaint is a drawing application for Nintendo DS.


– added GH controller to options menu to prevent problems
– fixed many menu related bugs
– slightly more optimised
– fixed large saving bug
– added transparency to copy and paste functions – define transparency color in the color creator default is white
– remembers draw sizes now when switching tools
– cursor on small color strip now updates according to color picked in the color editor
– added typewriter mode
– added spray can tool
– fixed D-pad plotting mode
– added title and loading screen
– fixed a color range bug on the color screen: now allows to make the full range of colors 0-31
– added number displays for color values in the color screen
– started stamp/tile placing tool -this isn’t finished so more features will be added later to this
– can start and save stamps in app
– can now fine tune tool sizes by tapping + or – buttons
– G6/M3 compatible

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