Quirky, author of Bunjallo and other fancy homebrew software, wrote an article about how to update to the latest devkitARM without too much hassle, if you are on Linux!

Partitial quote (read the rest by visiting Quirky’s page):

The latest version of the devkitARM toolchain was released last week, and it was a biggie. A whole new API for sprites and backgrounds was added to libnds. A new default ARM7 binary was added that automatically handles wifi, sound and sleep mode. The other big addition was a new fangled sound library that adds mod playback and fancy sound effects.

This is my post on the upgrade process for Bunjalloo on Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 in particular). Hey, if you read all this and get through it, then you could probably help out hacking on Bunjalloo too 🙂

A summary for the impatient: not without hassles, but the gain is worth the short term pain.

I assume you have a directory devkitPro somewhere. This will contain devkitARM and libnds. You should set an environment variable DEVKITPRO to point to this directory. Something like this will do:

export DEVKITPRO=$HOME/devkitpro_r24
mkdir -p $DEVKITPRO