silent_code updated the Volumetric Shadow (Tech)Demo (formerly know as the “Stencil Shadow Demo” and later “Volume Shadow Demo”). This version is very likely to be the final one.

The demo shows how to use a bunch of NDS features and some otherwise handy lines of source code, like:

– Hardware accelerated volumetric shadowing – mini-tutorial included!
– Motion blur with video capture, using only one VRAM bank, at 60 FPS
– Hardware lighting, texturing, fogging, antialiasing etc.
– Display brightness control
– Viewport scissoring (thanks to gabebear)
– Loading binary and text files from disk
– Converting 24/32bit .tga image data to 16bit NDS textures
– Displaying a custom font and a text area over a background image, all loaded from disk
– Smooth touch input
– Simple frame rate counting and renderer status display