Learn polish with this application by Tigro.

Release notes:

As you should know, “Knowledge is key to a success” – I, as a native speaker of Polish language, am going to give you interesting knowledge – I’ll try to teach you Polish! Language, which was used for many hundred years, by great poets, kings, scientists and ordinary people.

Then, I decided to try to learn you this beautiful (but, not hide it, hard to learn) language. Think about these hot chicks around you, when you say “Cze??” instead of “Hi”! About these gangsta-wannabes trying to hide from you, when you say “Nie wkurzajcie mnie!” instead of “Don’t piss me off!”. About these full of fear Persians escaping from the battleground when you scream “Przygotujcie si? na chwa??!” to your soldiers instead of “Prepare for glory!”. Think about all these profits!

This homebrew, as it’s 0.1 version, will learn you basics of Polish – next will make you P0l15h-14ngu4g3-1337. Don’t waste your time – begin your journey with Polish!

Thanks to www.gbatemp.net and www.nintendomax.com for the news.