Warcraft : Tower Defense is a NDS adaptation of the famous Warcraft mod.


– PAFS version is gone, now only the fat/DLDI version is available
+ you can now use the arrow keys to select maps in the menu
+ added 5 automatic levels of difficulty for each map: it affects the life of the monsters, and the final score
+ options are now saved within the rom (require DLDI driver with write support)
+ in-game menu added
+ added possibility to restart the map in-game
+ added quicksave & exit in-game option so you can save your current game and finish it later (require DLDI driver with write support)
+ high-scores are now saved (require DLDI driver with write support)
+ high-scores can be viewed on the map selection screen (press L or R to switch minimap/high-scores)
+ small speedups here and there
+ added some new maps
+ new game icon
= fixed some bugs
= fixed Long Walk TD skeleton’s round