SaviorXTanren updated their mini-game collection “WarioWare Custom”.


Ver 1.7: Alright, so two notices.

First, I’ve made a few updates to the game, mainly graphical things. I added the top screen image that drawn very nicely for me by Kikaimaster. =D Also, I added in the Objection! mini-game. Any fans of the Phoenix Wright game will get a good laugh. =) I also made a temporary icon for the game logo, it’s just the current bomb sprite, but it looks sorta of crudy in 8-bit, but oh well.

Second, I entered this game in the Drunken Coder’s Winter 2008 Competition. The version that I had in this post is the one that entered in there. Still some development things here and there, but looks like a decently complete game. =P Let’s see how well it does. HA HA [/SARCASM] =D

Thanks to for the news.