Wee Basic, is a BASIC variant for the Nintendo DS and has been udpated.

Release notes:


– editor: return key swallowing a character
– editor: hopefully fixed remaining save bugs


– basic programs now have access to both DS screens and stylus input
– hide or show keyboard with commands ‘keyhide’ and ‘keyshow’
– you must hide the keyboard before printing to, or using graphics on, the bottom screen
– cls, print, plot and line can now be used on both DS screens. You must specify a screen number. Syntax is now (s= screen number 0 or 1):

print s [at x,y]
plot s x,y,colour
line s x1,y1,x2,y2,colour
cls s

(s = screen number 0 or 1)

– stylus coordinates can be obtained using stx() and sty()

eg, let sx=stx() let sxy=sty()

– check whether bottom screen has been touched with stt()

eg, let touched=stt()
stt() returns 1 for touched and 0 for not touched

– new example showing the above features

download at: http://freescifistories.wordpress.com/

Also, see forum: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Wee_Basic/index.php?act=SC&c=4