Wee Basic is a BASIC interpreter for the NDS – programming and debugging are performed on the DS.

Wee Basic now allows the use of sprites and backgrounds so you can try your hand with real Nintendo DS games using simple BASIC.

Release notes:

Version 0.4

To use the demo program,put Wee and all of the gif files and demo.txt into the root directory of your card.
Then load the demo in Wee Basic, press A or start to run and enjoy!
Don’t forget to DLDI patch Wee for your card.

– bugs with nested ifs

– neo splash screen
– sprites on both screens (must be gif files)
– backgrounds on both screens (must be gif files)
– can uses start or A to start a program running
– new commands:

loadspr number,screen,x,y,,width,height,file name (creates a sprite specified by the file name on the screen specified at the specified coordinates)
movspr number, screen, x,y (moves an existing sprite specified by the number to new coordinates x and Y on the screen)
delspr number, screen (deletes the specified sprite)
backgr screen, file name (creates a background on the specified screen with the gif file specified by the file name)

– file names must be valid gif files and you must specify the full file name
– gif files must be kept in the root directory of your card
– don’t try to move or delete sprites that you haven’t created
– each screen has its own numbered sprites, so you can specify the number 1 for a sprite on the top and bottom screens but don’t specify the same number for sprites on the same screen

(Look at the demo program for examples)