Wee Basic is a BASIC interpreter for the NDS got an update after more than half a year – programming and debugging are performed directly on the DS.

Wee Basic now allows the use of sprites and backgrounds so you can try your hand with real Nintendo DS games using simple BASIC.

Release notes:

I’ve released Wee Basic 0.6: http://freescifistories.wordpress.com/2009/03/18/wee-basic-06-released/
Also entered it in the Neo summer compo: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,5527.0.html


Wee basic now has:

– backgrounds
– sprites
– sounds
– microphone
– key presses (keyboard and most hardware keys)
– stylus touches (touch recognition and coordinates)
– motion
– primitive graphics
– basic printing and coordinate printing
– both screens can be used
– core basic commands
– usable editor with save/load, using text files

Version 0.6


– editor has been completely revamped thanks to Alan’s txtwriter source code. See http://ds.spacemonkeymafia.com.
I modified some of txtwriter’s basic editing code for the Wee Basic editor.
– bug in boolexpressions (for if/while) using strings


– added motion commands (untested)
motion (keyword initializes motion – throws an error if no motion card detected)
motx, moty (motion coordinates)

let x=motx
let y=moty
print 1 “Motionx: “+x
print 1 “Motiony: “+y

– playmp3 now has optional settings
Syntax is playmp3 ,, (each is an integer or number variable)
You can still use playmp3 without options if you want to keep it simple

Discussion: http://forum.palib.info/index.php?topic=6922.0