Wee Basic is a BASIC interpretor for NDS.

Changes in this release:


– for/next error on first parse
– let statement not ignoring white space
– assingment not ignoring white space
– boolean functions for if statement not ignoring white space
– boolean expression for if statement returning incorrect value when using brackets
– print statement not handling variables that have a value which is a negative decimal


– added basic graphics:
plot x,y,colour (x,y are coordinates; colour: 1-4 to display, 0 to erase). See pong demo
line x1,y1,x2,y2,colour. See pong demo

– added log(), sin(), cos(), tan() and sqrt()

– cursor moves to the top of the document after load file
– if there is an error in the basic code, cursor will move to the point of (or close to) the error after the program is ended to make it easier to debug
– you can now use up and down (as well as left and right) to navigate in the editor