Pickle updated Wolf 4 SDL (Wolfenstein 3D SDL Port) an engine port, which can be used to play Wolfenstein 3D.

Because Wolfenstein 3D is showing swastika’s during ingame, we can not provide any links as it would be against german law. In particular it would be against paragraph 86 StGB “Verbreiten von Propagandamitteln verfassungswidriger Organisationen”.

Allthough this is just an engine port of Wolfenstein 3D, the game itself is still indexed.

Release notes:

Features:– Registered Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny builds are available
– Status bar on bottom screen
– (Hopefully) All 320×200 screens should be drawn properly rather than hacked into 256×192
– Basic sound effects, no music or item pickup sounds yet. I wasn’t happy using an opl emulator for those so I’ll use a more suitable format later.
– Saving/loading should be working properly now

Bugs and incomplete things:
– No left handed mode yet
– No automap
– On screen keyboard does not allow capital letters for some reason
– Demos do not play properly