Woopsi is a Nintendo DS GUI library for rapidly creating user interfaces for homebrew software. Modelled after the AmigaOS windowing system.


– Fixes:
– All gadgets have protected copy constructors.
– Added destructor to DimmedScreen class.
– Replaced SuperBitmap::drawLine() with a function that works correctly.
– Fixed crash in SuperBitmap::floodFill() when pixel stack overflowed the DS’ stack.
– Fixed bug in SuperBitmap::floodFill() that prevented rows above the initial click point being filled and occasionally froze the DS.
– Fixed path null pointer crash in FileRequester constructor.
– SuperBitmap::drawHorizLine() no longer tries to DMA_Force() if the width of the line is 1.
– Fixed size of data stored in SuperBitmap floodFill’s stack.
– Removed bitshifts from Screen::Drag() that would prevent resizing the screen on alternative platforms.
– Windows can no longer be dragged vertically out of non-permeable screens that are themselves dragged down.
– Fixed crash when dragging screen in SDL build.
– Added John’s fix to limit SDL screen dragging to bottom screen.
– Gadget::lowerGadgetToBottom() does not try to move decorations.
– Gadget::raiseGadgetToTop() only invalidates the rect cache of any gadgets it collides with.
– AmigaWindow controls how it moves to the top of the parent gadget stack rather than the Screen gadget.

– New Features:
– FileRequester tidied up and flags parameter added to constructor.
– Added FileRequester demo to examples directory.
– Added DimmedScreen demo to examples directory.
– Fixes to example makefiles.
– Added DimmedScreen readme file.
– Added WPaint to examples directory.
– Gadgets get drawn automatically when added to their parents.

Thanks to www.tehskeen.com for the news!