Woopsi is a Nintendo DS GUI library for rapidly creating user interfaces for homebrew software. Modelled after the AmigaOS windowing system.

You can find a complete changelog in ant512’s Blog here or directly here:

– Label and TextBox are more efficient when rendering text changes.
– Removed unused GLYPH_MAP_SIZE constant from fontbase.h.
– Header file in template moved into include directory.
– Animation::play() stops if there are no frames to play.
– Animation::getCurrentFrame() returns NULL if there are no frames.
– Animation::getCurrentBitmap() returns NULL if there are no bitmaps.
– Fixed memory leak when deleting SDL framebuffer.
– Removed extraneous globals from woopsifuncs.cpp.
– WoopsiString::subString() passes the correct arguments to the WoopsiString constructor.
– StringIterator::moveTo() ignores attempts to move to negative indices.
– Improved use of DMA hardware.
– Updated C# tools.
– Removed Visual Studio files.

New Features:
– Added WoopsiTimer::isRunning().
– Added SuperBitmap::setX().
– Added SuperBitmap::setY().
– Added SuperBitmap::getX().
– Added SuperBitmap::getY().
– Added FontConverter, a winforms UI for font2font.