In “X-Mas Gifts” you ride past windows of houses and throw gifts into peoples windows. You must drag a gift on lower screen and throw it to one of windows on upper screen. For controling you can use a motion senor and in this case you throw a gift by moving the DS forward and to the left or to the right. For every correct hit you get 10 points and if gift doesn’t touch the window frame you get 22 points. There are also extra points for combos, row of successfull hits. In the game are two modes. In one case you just have to obtain a highscore in two minutes or a level based mode where you have a certain required score to achieve in 25 seconds in order to get to the next higher level where you have to reach a little higher required score in order to get to the next higher level and so on.

Don’t forget to DLDI patch the ROM becouse your highscores will be saved to the memory card.