XM7Play by sverx is a simple XM player based on libxm7.


1st: Now it loads also squeezed XMs. No more loading errors, hopefully. 🙂

2nd: It includes a little sample optimizer (well, I’m still working on it…) that optimizes samples that would probably have detuning problems (or even don’t play at all) if played without manipulation. (You can temporary disable the optimizer by holding L or R key while pressing A to play a module, this way you can hear the differences)

3rd: It uses libnds 1.3.1 . Well, not so important for you, actually 😉

Very important: If you use this tool to test the XMs you want to use in your homebrew and you read that a sample has been optimized, then optimization of the sample directly in the XM is recommended so that libxm7 can play it properly. Read the section “Getting the most of your tune” of the libxm7 documentation for more details.

Feedback appreciated, especially if you find a module that can’t be loaded. And sorry, there’s still no GUI…