XRoar is a Dragon and Tandy CoCo emulator for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, GP32, Nintendo DS and Windows32.


Emulates Dragon 32, Dragon 64, Tano Dragon, Tandy CoCo 1/2.
Emulates DragonDOS, Delta and RSDOS disk systems.
Raw and translated keyboard modes.
Reads and writes virtual cassettes (“.cas” files).
Reads audio files as cassette input.
Reads and writes DMK format virtual floppy diskettes.
Reads (and supports in-memory writing of) JVC and VDK format virtual floppy diskettes.
Custom snapshot format; no “.pak” support yet.


Fixed WD2791/3 side compare flags for double-sided disks on CoCo.
Honours user-specified RAM size again.
Automatically determine which machine user has ROMs for.
Added -load and -run options (automatically attaches files on startup, -run attempts to autorun them).
New manual to replace the README file.
Handle more truncated CAS files.

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de for the news.