yPaint is a powerful graphic editing program for the Sony PSP which allows users to edit photoes (up to 512×512 in resolution for PNGs) in PNG or JPG format, or create completely new images in a user-friendly environment.

– Save
– Open
– USB Mode, for transferring created images
– Pencil
– Zoom (up to 4x zoom, with no quality loss!)
– Brush
– Custom Brushes (by Haxxblaster, these are from version 5)
– Text Input Tool
– New Enhanced Keyboard (based on Danzeff, originally by Fuzzie 360)
– Rectangle Tool
– Circle (Ellipse) Tool
– Random Spray Tool (Like the spray in MS Paint!)
– New redesigned interface
– Size selection
– RGB Colour Editor
– Quick Colour Selector
– Full Colour Selector
– Eraser (Now transparent, not white!)
– Transparency in canvas (NOTE: Save as PNG if you want to keep the transparency!)
– Line Tool
– Scroll Tool (To move around canvas)
– Fill Bucket (Fill areas of the same colour, NOTE: This is a little buggy.)
– Completely recoded from the ground up
– PDF User Manual
– ‘settings.cfg’ for editing settings


yPaint AE-2 released, patch to work on Custom Firmwares through XMB.