Zelda is still having a hughe fanbase in the world of video games. A german developer named BassAceGold is currently developing a homebrew Nintendo DS Zelda fangame named “Zelda – The Shards Of Light”.

From the progress blog:

Well, I’ve been putting a little work into the game lately and its getting pretty far through. So far I have only 19 more things to achieve + bug fixes before the Overworld is completed!



-Finish off items(sub items too ie. raft)

-fix enemy collision to all items and damage

-re-write AI handling

-add in all the caves with the old man and their scripts


-add in new overworld graphics
-add in new enemy graphics

-add/fix effects for the 7th level lake revealing
-pause sprite animations when in the inventory
-add new time of day effects to bg layer 2

-add faries to fountains & healing stuff

-add item collision for all burnable bushes/bombable walls/moveable rocks/and those statue things
Its still a lot of coding but its mostly just fixing things at this point for the overworld.

The first Demo will be released (to those who donate) once the overworld part is completed which could take any where from a month or 2 or 3, just depends whats happening though cause school is taking a lot of time. Anyways I thought I’d just leave this update

Thanks to cid2mizard / http://www.dev-fr.org for the news.