Alien Puzzle Wii is a homemade puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii. The goal of the game is to get to the end of each level while collecting as many points as you can from the gems scattered throughout each level. The key trick to this game is the fact that once you start moving, you can’t stop (except for in certain cases which are talked about in the documentation). This requires precision as each level is scattered with TNT, which will explode on contact. Some of them move, some of them just sit there. Each level is unique, as is the rest of the game. Good thing you have three lives. And if you beat the level, you get to carry your score on with you to the next level. Thus, you can get amazingly high scores! You can play alone, or with a friend.


-New mp3 player layout! Now features a pause feature, playlist support, and more!
-Two new multiplayer modes, Vs Mode and Co-op mode!
-Object packs for use and as DLC! This allows you to customize the game play graphics.
-An options menu
-5 difficulty settings now: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard
-Bug fixes
-Nicer looking text thanks to True Type Font support!
-Some graphical Improvements
As of this release, there are a few new DLCs. There are three new single player downloads:
one new multiplayer level:
and the first object pack for download: