This is a program that enables you to load emulators on your Nintendo Gamecube/Wii, using a nice graphical interface:

Current supported emulators are:

– Genesis Plus (Sega Megadrive)
– SMS Plus (Sega Master System & Game Gear)
– FCEuGC (Nintendo Entertainment System)
– GnuboyGX (Gameboy & Gameboy Color)
– Snes9xGX (Super Nintendo)
– HugoGC (NEC Pc-Engine)
– NeoPop (SNK NeoGeo Pocket)
– Neo-CD Redux (SNK NeoGeo CD)

The emulators are NOT provided with the loader.

This project is now splitted in two separated applications:

1) emuloader.dol is running in GC mode, it needs to be packed with a 7zip archive containing the emulators you want to use, see the [GAMECUBE Version] section below and follow the installation steps.

2) emuloader_wii.elf, emuloader_wii_pal60.elf are running in Wii mode. You can directly boot the appropriate version with your favorite elf loader. DOLS version are also provided. See the [WII] section below to know how to use the application.

Wii Version
This is just another basic Front SD elf/dol loader that looks for known emulators.
To use it, simply follow the steps below:

1/ create a directory at the root the SDCARD (FAT16 format only) and named it “emuloader” (without the quotes)

2/ place any supported .dol or .elf emulators you want in this directory:

– Do NOT modify the original emulator filename, the loader is looking for specific strings inside filenames in order to detect which emulator is present or not:

– Genesis Plus —> genplus
– SMS Plus —> smsplus
– FCEuGC —> fceugc
– GnuboyGX —> gnuboy
– Snes9xGX —> snes9x
– HugoGC —> hugo

– Obviously, only use “wii mode” versions of these emulators, GC versions won’t work properly in Wii mode !

3/ launch emuloader_wii*.elf or.dol with the method of your choice (for example, using TP Hack). In the menu, the following keys are used (Note that you still need a Gamecube controller):

. Button A: lauch the selected emulator
. Analog Stick, Left/right button: select another emulator
. Z Trigger: Reboot TP loader

NOTE: if you have a PAL Wii, always use the PAL60 version.

. SD Front access code by _svpe, marcan, bushing
. libOGC by shagkur& wntrmute
. DOL loading code by shagkur
. ELF loading code by William L. Pitts
. VFAT library by softdev