AnyTitle Deleter DB uses tona’s AnyTitle Deleter and adds several features.

Its main purpose is to list all titles (such as channels, IOS, etc…) and allow the user to delete the ones he/she wants to get rid of.

Red Squirrel released AnyTitle Deleter MOD which used an external database to associate the cryptic title IDs (such as “HAXX”) with a meaningful name (such as “Homebrew Channel”). AnyTitle Deleter DB uses his database format to achive the same goal but adds support to read the title’s name from the titles banner.bin file which is stored internally in the Wii’s NAND. Not all titles have a banner.bin – actually only channels and about half of all game saves do – but combining the banner.bin names with Red Squirrel’s database allows the user to work with a broder scope of title names.


title names can now be read from files found in many (but not all) channels
the Wii is brought into “super user” mode when reading files
likewise “system menu” mode is used to read banner.bin files
updated the ES identification to the one from tona’s AnyRegion Changer
removed the “Directory” naming mode since it was buggy and quite useless
minor corrections in menu code