AnyTitle Deleter MOD is an unofficial mod by Red Squirrel of tona’s AnyTitle Deleter.

It keeps all original tona’s AnyTitle Deleter functions but it allows the program to show the real names of titles instead of just ID numbers, making it easier to select which ones you actually want to delete.

From MOD v3 it has some new features, as a installed titles backupper, or the possibility to exit rebooting the Wii.


Because many people have not an IOS202 or IOS222 or for any other reason, this is a little update to use IOS249 (cIOS 38 r14) with the program. The news is that now the program skips the first ES_identify (thanks to brkirch, WiiPower and the other users of GBAtemp).

In the new package there is only the boot.dol, so if you want the complete HBC package or to read the full readme.txt, please download the v6 before.