AnyTitle Deleter MOD is an unofficial mod by Red Squirrel of tona’s AnyTitle Deleter.

It keeps all original tona’s AnyTitle Deleter functions but it allows the program to show the real names of titles instead of just ID numbers, making it easier to select which ones you actually want to delete.


* Improved application’s general efficency: now all titles names will be “obtained from NAND” at program’s startup and saved in an array. In this way the program has not to reload them (re-accessing to the NAND) every time you change a page or a title group (like happen in past versions!) but it simply takes them from the array. This means a significant improve to the time efficency of the program (specially if you have many titles installed!)
* Improved the functions to get title names from NAND.
* Now titles names obtained from NAND will be displayed in your Wii system language!
* Added a function to get Hidden Channels names from NAND. I know it is not very useful at all because hidden channels are usually only three (DVDx, EULA and regsel), but if I remember well there was a tool (by WiiPower?) to create “homebrew” hidden channels, so this function could still be usefull to someone.
* Thanks to above news, now only DLC content titles have to take their names from database.txt, all other titles names can be obtained from NAND (compatibility is at 99%).
* Given the current high compatibility, now the program tries to obtain titles names from the database.txt only for DLC content titles!
* Many changes to the application’s pages graphics structure!
* Now some of the program strings are colored to highlight some relevant concepts and to make the general graphics nicer.
* Now the titles will be displayed in a more readable “table”
* Increased the titles displayed in every page from 12 to 20.
* Removed the function to update the database.txt from network. Now that only few title names are taken from it (only those of DLC contents) this function is essentially useless.
* Added three display modes for the titles: ID + CODE + NAME, CODE + NAME and ONLY NAME.
* Now the 2 button is used to switch between the three display modes.
* Improved the titles uninstallation function.
* The uninstallation page now shows also many title’s details: ID, code, name, IOS required, version and if fakesigned (thanks to bushing!).
* Improved brick prevention functions.
* Changed and improved the backup titles list function.
* Now you can choose between two different backup titles list modes: into a TXT file or into a CSV file.
* Now in the backup file of your titles list will be inserted also the title’s version.
* A general clean up to the code.