TheDrevs entry for the Tehskeen Wii Coding Competition, a two player Bomberman.

Release notes:

The application that could be run from homebrew channel is in app, in project there is the makefile, the sources, and the documentation.

I’ve also put a PC version on my personal web site, but without sources as mentioned in the contest rules. (If this is a problem I can remove it, but according to the contest forum thread, I think it’s ok).

The game is obviously a clone of bomberman, but with absolutly no materials from the original game. The game engine is a personal, but quit common, wrapper around SDL (SDL image, Ttf, Mixer). There is a tile map parser (GFX and Collisions) and an animation engine. There are some hard coded values, but globaly the code is designed to be change easly, with the help of the doc.

– Support png (unsupported image format, even with wii libpng)
– Better GFX, mine are lame
– Even more abstraction

Have fun.

TheDrev 2008