Bolt Thrower is currently single player Space Shoot ‘Em Up. It is still work in progress!


Added enemy gunships – just noticed I forgot to add these to the radar, my bad
Added bigger mine explosions
Added a controls menu screen – (will add more later to pick other control methods)
Updated main menu – now shows a 3D WiiMote in the background
Updated Credits – now shows a 3D Viper (MK2) in the background
Reduced amount of enemies
Updated enemies movement logic – speedy enemies now find it harder to lock-on
Update Intro screen – camera view glides in 3D space
Added Camera catch-up the player’s craft – the player craft will now drift away from the centre
Added some new 3D models – Viper (MK2) & Wiimote
Updated 3D object code to use all the layers in a Lightwave object (lwo)
Bit of code refactoring (reworking internal design), hopefully everything will still work the same