BootMii Configuration Editor llows you to change the values in the /bootmii/bootmii.ini file without having to take out the SD card and edit it on a PC.


Settings Dialog to change editor settings. This can be accessed by pressing the ‘HOME’ button. The settings are persisted to the langauges file, so if you change the language/skin, whenever you load BootMii Configuration Editor, your selected options will be the default

Internationalisation Supported (Currently English & Spanish Langauges available). Further langauges can be added by editing the bce_messages.xml file. See the readme.txt for details of how to do this

Skins/Colour Change. The application can now be presented in a number of look & feels. Initially the following skins are available:
* Windows – Windows Installer/DOS like look/feel with a blue background and grey windows
* Console – Black background, white text with other colour text to highlight options/selections
* Inverse Console – White background, black text with other colour text to highlight options/selections

Online version Checking. When the Editor is loaded, it performs a check to see if the version running is the latest available version. If a newer version is available, then a message is shown for a few seconds during startup to indicate this. This online checking can be disabled if you do not wish BootMii Configuration Editor to check for a new version or do not have the wii networked. If you wish to disable this check, see the instructions in the readme.txt