A simple yet addictive game, just point and click on two or more connected and identical ‘chunks’ to ‘munch’ them up.


New Logo! Thnx Faine!
added a ‘munch’ sound to the WingedVayla skin
Loading screen now shows after some basics have been initialized, instead of waiting for EVERYTHING.
Added (bad) music and sound support (Expect samples to be either played too fast or too slow (Currently using 22050 Hz, samples of this speed should work fine))
Supports all types SDL_Mixer supports, if it doesn’t read the file, try removing the extension.
Moved ‘quit’ and ‘back’ buttons to lower left
To exit the game press any key (except a or b), this prevents the game from closing the screen when you are frantically clicking the screen (a.k.a. monkey proof bugfix)
Added an option to no longer wait for movement (animation) to stop, enabling fast clicking mode.
Fixed: Chrash when: No skin name was defined in XML. Occurs when saved with default skin, or loading a old XML file.
Repositioned the menu’s a bit.
Fixed: Miscalculation of the field size, preventing the game from checking all rows correctly for the end conditions.
Removed southpark skin from the install package, still need to create a webpage to add all the future skins.