Spiffin has released a new homebrew game for the Nintendo Wii. CombatWii is based off of the old Atari tank shoot-em up game Combat.

Release notes:

A game based on the old Atari tank shoot-em up game Combat. The Wii version is actually a semi-port of a PC game me and 2 other university students developed as a software project back in 2001. The game was programmed in C++ and utilized the following two libraries; Allegro (gamedev lib), Libnet (network lib). The game worked out pretty well and we had alot fun developing it. The final version (only version to be released) included 4 different game types; Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Panic & Run For It!. It also included 6 different weapons; Machine gun, Rocket launcher, Laser cannon, Grenade launcher, Mine layer/sweeper and Freeze cannon. Not all weapons were available from start, instead you had to hunt down bonus boxes, aka Pick-ups, that randomly appeared on the map. These pickups did not just contain new weapons, they could also be power-ups that gave more health, increased your speed, increased detail level on radar, etc, so your primary goal was not always to kill your opponents, but instead to hunt down these bonuses. In the 2 latter game types two special objects were used: Flag; An object you strived to grab and hold on to, and Bomb; An object to tried to stay away from. The game was a multi direction scroller with quite large maps. Only one player could play on the same screen, so network play was a must if you wanted to play against others. To give the player a good overview of what was happening on the map (maps were often 2-3 times larger than the screen) a radar was located on the players sidebar (HUD), where also the players health and score were shown.

Thanks to brakken / http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.