Crazy Intro is an autoboot homebrew to use along with Preloader. You can use Crazy Intro to customize the opening of your Wii. You can display your selected picture and play the music of your choice at each start of your Wii. Also you can assign your frequently used channels to the directional buttons on the Wiimote. You can use B button to quickly access homebrew channel.


Using GRRLIB 4.0
Able to use effects fully configurable using the config file
Picture size & position is configurable and press this and that stuff can be used too…
Reset button leads to the system menu to overcome the wiimote sync issue with preloader.
If there is no custom stuff on the sd card then displays a default intro
All resource files should be in a folder named crazyintro in the sd card, and program no longer uses default names for sound and picture. Everything is configurable in the config file.
Supporting 16/9 aspect ratio (?)