Crazy Intro is an autoboot homebrew to use along with Preloader. You can use Crazy Intro to customize the opening of your Wii. You can display your selected picture and play the music of your choice at each start of your Wii. Also you can assign your frequently used channels to the directional buttons on the Wiimote. You can use B button to quickly access homebrew channel.


Using latest libogc, sdhc support along with it.
Birthday feature added. If one of your miis have a birthday a customizable image displayed and an mp3/mod file played along with it greeting the user.
Press picture can use tilesets which can be used in creation, of simple animations. For better description of the feature take a look at crazyintro-explained.xml in the archive. Also three images and three example configuration files supplied in the archive.
Dancing girl animation : Nipson / from demo Eiger
Birthday music : Jogeir Liljedahl