Crazy Intro is an autoboot homebrew to use along with Preloader. You can use Crazy Intro to customize the opening of your Wii. You can display your selected picture and play the music of your choice at each start of your Wii. Also you can assign your frequently used channels to the directional buttons on the Wiimote. You can use B button to quickly access homebrew channel.


Visual settings and button configurations separated. Now you can build & share themes. Each theme has their own folder under crazyintro folder in the sd card. You can select the theme used by editing the crazyintro.xml configuration file. You should use folder name of the theme. Now crazyintro.xml file only contains stuff like shortcuts & selected theme and so on.
All wiimote buttons are now configurable. You can even control what to launch with A and B buttons. Also +, -, 1, 2 buttons are configurable.
You can create complicated shortcuts. Say you don’t want your kids messing with the dangerous applications, you can create hidden shortcuts to those applications. They can be a hidden channel or a dol/elf on the sd card. For ex: pressing HOME followed by Left, A, Right, A would take you to any title deleter.
Autoboot function for mp3 playing themes. Boots your chosen shortcut, be it homebrew channel, system menu or any title on your wii… (of course when music stops)
Experimental dol/elf loading feature added, beware there are some compatibility issues in some applications at the moment.
Code is now open source :

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