Dance Clone is exactly what it says it is. Its simply a DDR clone.

Release notes:

Its far from done and along with other missing functionality it doesn’t even have audio but here is the beginnings of my Wii homebrew DDR clone. Its intended to be played with a GameCube/Wii dance mat but will work fine with a regular GC controller d-pad or a wiimote d-pad. Just hit the corresponding directional button to match the arrows as they reach the top. You get either a perfect or good rating based on how well you time it or you will get a booed if you totally miss an arrow. The game is completely frame rate independent so even if the currently great frame rate starts to go down or becomes inconsistent the game will always stay in sync with the soon to be added music. Also well the game currently “randomly” generates the arrow placement its setup in a way that will make it incredibly easy to have it save and load the placement from an external file once I create the editor. Another thing is that well the randomly placed arrows are placed at a consistent rate (there is 140 of them per minute and there all evenly separated) Theres nothing that about the way its setup that necessitates that so songs with inconsistent speeds will be more then possible. The top bars distance from the top of the screen, the arrow scroll speed, and what distance good and perfect fall into should all be considered temporary and will be tweaked.

Video in Action: