Dance Clone is exactly what it says it is. Its simply a DDR clone.

Release notes:

Here is the long overdue update to dance clone!

For those of you previously having trouble running it off of a USB storage device this should probably fix it for you. It will also of course still work perfectly from an SD card.

As requested you can now also play the game using a Classic controller D-Pad.

There are now hold notes (arrows that you need to hold down for an extended period of time rather then just tapping). The random step generator doesn’t use them yet so the step file for Rekcahdam’s Dance, NOW! (the included song) does have any. But if you import a Step Mania file (which I’m assuming is how most of you are getting most of your songs and step files anyways) that uses them then they will get used in the game.

After you select a song it will now not only check if the song has a Dance Clone step file but will also check what difficulty modes that file has tracks for rather then assuming its setup for all of them (a LOT of available Step Mania songs don’t actually have 5 difficulty modes). Instead of just making them unclickable now it wont even show buttons for difficulty modes that are unavailable.

There are a verity of other small fixes and changes and things. Some things should be faster and a very small portion of files that couldn’t be imported previously may now be importable and there should be fewer crashes. I also widened the range in which hitting a step will count as perfect instead of good.

Thanks to for the news.