The WiiNewz community is warning about “dangerous files”. Their original article is linked below.


It has come to our attention that there are numerous “joke” or otherwise dangerous files currently in circulation. These include preloader 0.29, several “channel” versions of the USB Loader, etc. that contain “Rick rolls” or otherwise malicious code.

Sorry… this is not funny to some of us.

The majority of the apps are originating from GBAT3mp. The administrators there can no longer keep up with the massive amount of lameness that emanates from their forum. As a result, we are no longer allowing hotlinks to their site.

In addition, there is now a release from “Team Twiizlers” claiming to be a preview of BootMii. It is, of course, fake and will only display a message saying …

“Hello World!

LOL IT WORKS! Welcome to the Team Twizzlers BootMiiOut installer. Normally we would insert a disclaimer here, but the state of the economy has forced us to cut costs.
The installer will install Google Toolbar and IOS1337. We forgot to map the install process to a Wiimote button, so users will need to whine in #wiidev about this issue. Meanwhile, the HOME key will exit.”

Do not install anything on your Wii until has been confirmed legitimate by more than one user!!!

Thanks to for the news.