Dop-IOS MOD is a modification of the application Dop-IOS that allows you to choose which IOS you would like to use to install other IOSs (trucha bugged or not).

While the original Dop-IOS let you install other IOS, it used IOS 249 to do it. Many people felt a certain resentment toward that on which the authors have no comment.

A better solution for all users would’ve been to allow users to select which IOS they use to install other IOSs. Enter: Dop-IOS MOD.


Fixed garbled text bugs
Fixed downloading and installing channels (thanks to everyone who tested this)
Fixed downloading and installing system menus (thanks to everyone who tested this)
Fixed GUI errors which performed things different from what the user wanted
Fixed a bug involving the gamecube controller
Added the ability to download photo channel 1.0 or 1.1
Added another sanity check to prevent crashing