Music player for the Wii. It has a nice interface and is skinnable. It plays mp3, ogg, flac and other formats but does not work with wma or aac. It is a native Wii application (no Wii Linux) with the intent of being a multi-source media player on the Wii. As of 0.2, DMP now supports Samba sources as well as USB and SD already available.


Added ability for wav files to read ahead
Added configurable samba shares
Added ability to hot-plug USB and SD
Updated render loops to be multithreaded
Updated resampling code for better quality audio
Updated audio out code for better handling when network hiccups occur
Updated readahead code to work better
Fixed themes/langauges to display in alphabetical order
Fixed FFT display to have less noise and no frequency offset
Fixed theming engine not retaining default text if language string doesn’t have a custom string
Fixed possibility of crashing on filenames with long/no extension
Fixed a few memory leaks in skinning engine