Tantric has released a new version of FCEUGX a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicon emulator for the Nintendo Wii. He’s added a lot to the emulator including full support for the Wii’s unique motion sensing controllers, loading from DVD, USB and SD card plus priliminary network (SMB) loading.


* Complete rewrite based on code from SNES9x GX and Genesis Plus GX
* Wiimote, Nunchuk, and Classic controller support
* Button mapping for all controller types
* Full support for SD, USB, DVD, GC Memory Card, and Zip files
* Game starts immediately after loading
* Load/save preference selector. ROMs, saves, and preferences are
saved/loaded according to these
* Preliminary Windows file share loading/saving (SMB) support on Wii:
You can input your network settings into FCEUGX.xml, or edit
fceuconfig.cpp from the source code and compile.
* ‘Auto’ settings for save/load – attempts to automatically determine
your load/save device(s) – SD, USB, Memory Card, DVD, SMB
* Preferences are loaded and saved in XML format. You can open
FCEUGX.xml edit all settings, including some not available within
the program
* One makefile to make all versions

Thanks to brakken / http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.