Frodo is a Commodore 64 emulator written by Christian Bauer ( ). It was ported to the Wii by Simon Kagstrom and does not share any code with FrodoWii.

Put .t64 or .d64 files in /apps/frodo/images on your SD card. The in-game menu allows you to insert disks/tapes, load them and configure the display, joystick ports etc. Saves will be stored on the SD card and the preferences are stored persistently. Wiimote 1 is by default the joystick in port 1 and wiimote 2 the joystick in port 2, but you can swap this.


It’s now possible to start hosting a network game “in the background” and continue using the emulator while waiting for someone to connect
Networking support now works (but without sound being transferred). A broker is installed on
Link with Yohanes port of SDL, modified by Danny Milo to get USB keyboards working while still having the Home key do what it should
There are sound cracks in this version, caused by the new SDL (unsure why)