GPF is about to port Frodo to the Wii.

Quote from GPF:

Been playing around with FrodoWii lately have added some routines to play around with how the emulation is working, right now I have only implemented gamecube controler, press left trigger and it does the simple
20 GOTO 10
which runs forever

and if you press the start button on the controller, it loads a hardcoded .prg file, right now I have been testing Bruce Lee, but for some reason sound isn’t working yet. I did a compile of the source against devkitPPC R14/libogc and was able to run it under an older gc emulator, so I could get this screenshot. But I have also tested it on hardware, kind of cool to be playing Bruce Lee on my TV again.

Hopefully will have time to release a updated test binary and the source code soon.