GeeXboX is an open-source media center software.


This is GeeXboX for Wii version 0.1alpha5. The main changes from previous version are inclusion of SDHC hack for Wii and update of MPlayer to take advantage of recent progress in FFMPEG native codecs. As a result, some SDHC cards can now be read and written by GeeXboX for Wii and some rmvb files can be played nearly free of visual artifacts.

This version is based on the GameCube Linux team’s whiite-linux-0.1a kernel patches and GeeXboX 1.2.1. Whiite-linux-0.1a includes support for Wii USB host controller. However, support for native wifi and DVD is still missing, and USB host controller support is imperfect, making some USB-related functions unusable.

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