This is eke-eke’s port of Charles MacDonald’s Genesis Plus emulator, based on Softdev’s last release, with a lof of compatibility fixes and additional features. Download the latest version and execute genplus.dol on your Gamecube or Wii with your prefered method and then load a rom from ISO9660 DVD or from SDCARD. If you use SDCARD, roms must be placed in the previously created directory /genplus/roms. Read included genplus.pdf for detailled options and full credits.

A complete User Guide can also be found here:


– updated SVP core: fix some perspective issues in Virtua Racing (thanks to Notaz)
– added internal SAT update during VRAM Fill: fix unmasked sprites during Battletech’s intro
– fixed m68k core issues with gcc 4.2.3: fix Xperts, Lemmings 2, M1 Abrams Battle Tank
– forced YM2612 Enveloppe update: fix intro music in Batman&Robin (thanks to Aamir)

– removed not working DVD features (Wii mode only)
– fixed Timers with PAL roms
– added EURGB60 TV mode support: fix “red screen” issue with PAL Wii when using RGB cable
– added PAL50 TV mode support (PAL and NTSC roms), see video options
– added “TP reload” option, use “System Reboot” (Wii mode only)
– added Front SD rom loading support with LFN & subdirectory browsing (Wii mode only)

Thanks to for the news.